Change The World From Your Pocket

Invest for social good and financial return. Invest with as little as $5 and start making change today.

Newday phone app screenshot
Newday phone app screenshot

Invest in Good.

Every dollar you invest is a vote for your beliefs. Your money can advance the world while it grows.

Get Informed.

Knowledge is power. Learn about what companies are doing to transform the world with trending content and news.

Get Invested.

There is real change in your pocket. Get the information you need to invest and make a difference with original and impactful investments.

Get Involved.

Put your money where your mouth is. Discover opportunities to use your voice and talents to take action and lead the way.

Newday phone app demo
Newday phone app demo

How It Works

Get a diversified portfolio of impact investments in minutes.

The companies in your portfolio are leaders in environmental, social, and leadership policies. Choose your values and we do the rest to keep you on track to meet your investment goals.

Get the same or better returns than the broader market.

Investing in companies with higher environmental, social and leadership standards has been found to have better financial returns over the long term than other companies.

Secure Your Financial Future.

By investing one hour of your daily salary, you can find financial freedom.

Impact Investing

Invest in companies that are industry leaders in social good and environmental stewardship while achieving a competitive financial return. Change the world from your pocket.

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